Spring is associated with the wood element, signifying growth, renewal, and awakening.  The energy of spring moves up and out - as opposed to the inward, dormant energy of winter. With the rapid climate and environmental changes, our skin may feel tender and sensitive.  This is the season to soothe, protect, and revitalize our skin and spirits.


Summer belongs to the fire element.  Spring signals the beginning of growth, while summer brings this growth to maturity.  Fire represents radiant, life-sustaining energy. When our fire is balanced, we feel warm and joyous energy during summer.   Excessive heat can manifest as congestion and inflammation.  The goal for summer is to purify, balance, and clarify the skin and senses.


Autumn is related to the metal element.  This is a transitional season when we celebrate the abundance of nature's harvest. As the first leaves fall, it is also an important time to collect ourselves and prepare for the colder months.  Perhaps we neglected our skin in the past seasons and need to recuperate from environmental stress.  Autumn is the season to repair, recondition, and uplift our skin and emotions.


Winter belongs to the water element which represents deep wisdom and internal strength. During this season we rest, return inward, and establish rituals to restore our natural essence.  As we internalize during the winter months, we allow our mind and body to build and enrich for the coming year.  The key to winter care is to nourish, strengthen, and repose physically and mentally.

Transitional Season

The fifth season represents all the four seasons and their transitions, as yin becomes more yang or as yang becomes more yin.  It is the earth element and is central to balance and stability.  We name this season Divine.  The energy of Divine is constant, universal, and infinite.  During transitional periods, it is important to provide a grounding ritual to reset and harmonize your state of being.