Beyond Skincare

5YINA rituals go beyond caring for your skin.
They help ground energy, enhance your self-healing capacity, and reconnect you to the flow of nature.
Celebrate your innate beauty and vitality with 5YINA.

Unique Formulations

    Our one-of-a-kind formulations are inspired by Chinese Medicine pharmacology with time-honored ingredients that heal and enhance the skin’s resilience.  We develop each formula to adapt to a minimalist and efficacious beauty ritual.  Our products are formulated by our team of holistic practitioners, herbalists, and dermatology experts based upon ancient principles of Chinese medicine and integrated with green science.  Each product is infused with potent medicinal plants and precious botanical essences to nourish your skin and revitalize energy. 

Innovative R&D 

Each 5YINA product is tested over 2 years on different skin types in various environments and climates. We meticulously curate potent botanicals, and continually calibrate our formulations to capture the vibrancy of nature.  Our formulations are artfully created with traditional medicine and innovated with cutting edge research + green technology for multi-faceted skin-enhancing results.  Your 5YINA treasures are mindfully crafted according to the lunar and seasonal cycles in order to capture the living energy of precious botanicals. 

In-house Production 


We extract our botanicals in-house for maximum freshness and efficacy; many ingredients we use are rare and unavailable commercially.  While this process is labor-intensive and time-consuming,  our bespoke extracts are pure, vibrant, and ready to deliver potent healing compounds to your skin. To boost therapeutic effects of our formulation, we employ artisanal extraction methods and produce in small batches with strict quality control standards.   5YINA products are created at our lab in California or by our ECOCERT partner facility with advance cosmeceutical research and technology. 


Wholesome Ingredients

The botanicals in your 5YINA products are wildcrafted, biodynamic, or of the highest medicinal grade.  We sourced from the finest producers and growers for the best available ingredients to develop high-performing skincare.  Every ingredient we use in our formulation is safe, purposeful, and carefully chosen.  Our products are made without GMOS, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, SLS, formaldehyde, PEGs, heavy metals, BPAs, and other toxic matter.  Ingredients that go into our products have passed tests to ensure they are healthy and wholesome for use. There is no compromise in the quality of our raw materials when it comes to clean, effective, and exquisite formulations. 

Sustainable Packaging

All of our "Seasonal Size" products are housed in a light-protective alabaster white glass that is non-reactive and infinitely recyclable. These beautiful glass containers are sustainably handcrafted, durable, and help preserve the potency of your 5YINA products.  Because we use only natural preservatives in our formulations, we suggest using the products within 3-6 months after opening to ensure freshness and efficacy.  We specifically selected these sizes in consideration of product shelf-life and travel-friendly TSA compliance.

Our Promise

   Mineral Oil Free  Phthalate Free   Synthetic Fragrance Free
  Toxin Free   Cruelty Free