As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we believe wellness and beauty are inherently intertwined. By integrating the wisdom of Chinese medicine and modern science, we are on a mission to create a skincare collection that is efficacious, intelligently formulated, and beautiful to use.


“The skin is a reflection of our internal health. By using our knowledge in healing botanicals we create products that help you achieve radiant beauty.”

Angela Chau Gray is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.  She studied plant biology at UC Berkeley before obtaining her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She grew up immersed in Chinese herbs and culinary medicine.  A TCM nutritionist, Angela firmly believes good health is our greatest wealth.  She was awarded the PAAWBAC Monarch Leadership Award for her vision and work with 5YINA.  Angela heads the product development and business operations at the 5YINA headquarters.


“As a cancer survivor, I personally witnessed the power of Chinese medicine - the effects are so profound that we had to create a skincare ritual based on the holistic principles of TCM.”

Ervina Wu received her PhD from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University where she did clinical training in autoimmunology.  Prior to TCM school, she worked in finance and venture capital for over 8 years where stress and intensive hours took a toll on her health.  When she healed herself through Chinese medicine, she knew she had to learn more.  Her passion for medicine, travel, and beauty made her a master collaborator in product formulations and business development of the company.   Ervina is also a registered TCM dermatologist with the International Association of Chinese Medicine Dermatology.